The St Wilfrid's School Alphabet, 1970

Art calls for A, and B for Biology.
Curriculum and Cookery, they both begin with C.
D is for Drama - very popular - and E?
That must stand for English, yes, but more especially
The name of our Headmistress, who through many years of change
Has held the reins and guided us down paths both known and strange.
French claims our F, and Geography the G.
Whilst H, of course, must obviously, stand for History,
But oh, what shall we do with I? For hardly one of you
Makes use of Ink these Biro days! Perhaps Ice Cream would do?
J is for Juniors. A merry crowd are they,
And K's the Kindergarten, quickly growing up to J.
Learning should surely be the proper word for L,
But we must certainly put in our Literature as well.
Sister Matilda, who was our first Headmistress here
Is, naturally, our first M this very special year,
But also Mathematics, the old kind and the new
We feel must have some sort of very special mention too.
For N there's Nature Study, Nursery, also Needlework.
O, these are Order Marks, alas, for silly folk who shirk
Their homework every evening, or fail to try to be?
The splendid sort of people we really like to see.
P - most important P.E., for all kinds of happy sport,
And Q must be for Questioning, by means of which we're taught.
Rules are for R - do try to keep our simple Rule.
Swimming begins with S - we all enjoy the Swimming Pool.
Teachers, they are important, and must have first claim to T,
But the Tuck shop should be mentioned too, or so it seems to me.
U's for Untidiness - a habit that we shun.
V is for Verse-speaking, which we mostly find is fun.
W is St Wilfrid's, School that holds our loyalty,
A friendly and hard-working school, as happy as could be.
X is impossible - a quantity unknown
Or so they say in Algebra. Let's leave the thing alone!
YOU are the Y, and we hope you all will be
Filled with Zeal (that's Z) in starting our New Century.
By Sister Elsie, 1970