St Wilfrid’s has been in existence for over 150 years and is well known and respected in Exeter for providing non-selective, independent education on a co-educational basis. The overall policy of St Wilfrid’s is to create a learning environment in which all the pupils are stimulated to achieve a positive self-image by experiencing success, accepting responsibility and by recognising and respecting the needs of others. There is no discrimination (positive or negative) towards any group within the school. All members of the school community have an opportunity to guide the progress of the school.


St Wilfrid’s is influenced by Christian values but also remains open to influences from other denominations, which we believe helps to widen the students’ learning and development. As well as strong links with St David’s Church and Exeter Cathedral, visiting clergy are also welcomed and they are encouraged to utilise our private chapel, provide pastoral care and share in the presentation of school assemblies. Parents have the right to request that their children do not attend any religious occasion. This must be done in writing. Pupils who do not attend are supervised by a member of staff.