Complaints Procedure

St Wilfrid’s School operates an “Open Door” policy whereby parents can get quick and easy access to staff, at all levels, if they have a concern/complaint. Experience has shown that it is better to deal with the potential problem in the early stages rather than to leave it to escalate and perhaps develop into a more serious situation. In the Lower School parents have the opportunity to talk to the class teacher on a daily basis when dropping off or collecting their children. In the Upper School this isn’t always possible, however, there is a simple procedure in place to ensure ease of access throughout the school.

The majority of concerns are resolved informally and satisfactorily at stages one or two. It is only in the unlikely event that a solution cannot be reached that a further structured procedure needs to be followed.


STAGE ONE If I have a complaint/concern what should I do?

Most complaints/concerns can be dealt with quickly and informally thus preventing escalation by:

  • Telephoning the office.

You will either be connected immediately with the member of staff or a message will be passed for him/her to contact you at a mutually convenient time.

  • Calling into the office.

Similarly you will either been seen immediately by the member of staff or a mutually convenient appointment will be arranged.

Please note that some members of staff are part-time, therefore, are not always immediately accessible. However, if the situation warrants it the member of staff will be contacted at home, by the Office Manager, and advised to telephone you to discuss the problem.


STAGE TWO What should I do if I am not satisfied with the initial response

to my complaint?

Within five school days address your complaint, in writing, to Mr R. Bovingdon, Headteacher Designate, who will then arrange a suitable time for you to meet to discuss the situation further.


STAGE THREE If I am still not happy?

Again, within five school days, notify the school of your dissatisfaction giving a formal request for a panel hearing.

This makes provision for the complaint to be heard before an independent source, appointed by the school, who was not directly involved in the matters detailed in the complaint and who is totally independent of the running of the school. Where possible it will be heard within one calendar month of the date of the request.

Parents may attend the hearing and may be accompanied if they wish.

The panel will make findings and recommendations and the complainant, the proprietor, the Headteacher and, where relevant, the person complained about shall receive a copy of any findings and recommendations.

Written records will be kept of all complaints, including whether they are resolved at the primary stage or whether they proceed to a panel hearing.

All correspondence, statements and records of complaint will be kept confidential and in a secure place.