About St Wilfrid's

St Wilfrid’s is a private school and has been in existence for over 150 years and is well known and respected in Exeter for providing non-selective, independent education on a co-educational basis.

The overall policy of St Wilfrid’s School, as a school in Devon, is to create a learning environment in which all of the pupils are stimulated to achieve a positive self image by experiencing success, accepting responsibility and by recognising and respecting the needs and achievements of others.

At St Wilfrid’s we have an average class size of 10 thus ensuring pupils receive maximum attention and supervision whilst a small community means a positive and secure environment.

The atmosphere in which our pupils work ensures stability and happiness so that all may progress and attain their full potential. Relationships are good, behaviour is excellent and discipline problems virtually unknown. Pupils gain confidence and many “school refusals” have blossomed.

Our School is a community in which everyone works happily and purposefully together and where we value the contribution each pupil makes.

What distinguishes us from many other schools is our ability to develop our pupils’ global needs – not just their academic achievements. Our “whole-school” approach ensures that our pupils receive a consistent and co-ordinated education aimed at unlocking the full potential of each child by creating a school day that is motivating and purposeful. We underpin learning with rich experiences and as many “hands-on” opportunities as possible, both within the school day and, in the wider community, through off- site visits.

It is our vision that, by the time they leave St Wilfrid’s School all of our pupils will have acquired a sense of personal achievement, raised confidence and self-esteem and a positive attitude towards their future life and learning.

  • We value every pupil as an individual.
  • We provide a safe, secure and happy environment.
  • We are welcoming, approachable and accepting.
  • We provide a motivating school day.
  • We encourage learning through participation, enjoyment and success.
  • We develop enquiring minds by providing meaningful learning experiences.
  • We encourage our young people to communicate with confidence.
  • We promote effective and supportive relationships with parents and carers.
  • We strive to be a centre of excellence.

St Wilfrid’s is a leading private school in Exeter. If you would like more information please contact us.